Creating a sustainable society

Energy Harvesting Society (EHS) is a non-profit organization of international professionals, researchers, and scientists with the goal of advancing the interdisciplinary education, outreach activities, and technology in the field of energy. EHS provides a dynamic and interactive platform for the global community of energy related researchers and professionals to advance their learning and practice through knowledge-sharing and timely dissemination. A key role of the EHS is to provide the requisite infrastructure and resources that enable global exchange of technical information related to interdisciplinary energy harvesting research, standards and policy. In fulfilling this role, EHS will organize the first annual energy harvesting meeting along with IWPMA 2017 and 12th EHW. Further information about these joint conferences can be found at

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A key role of the Energy Harvesting Society (EHS) will be to provide the requisite infrastructure and resources that enables global exchange of technical information related to interdisciplinary energy harvesting research, standards and policy. EHS will organize publications, website, meetings, workshop, and discussion forums to serve the energy harvesting community in addressing their technical needs.

Energy harvesting research directly addresses the critical energy needs of society and environmental challenges such as global warming. The research conducted by the energy harvesting community will also open new opportunities for developing products and systems that improve the quality of life. EHS will effectively communicate the importance of energy science to the general public and promote science and technology to the next generation. It will develop educational curriculums that provide career pathway for the students to become engaged with the energy industries. It will reach out to the teachers and educators providing them interactive teaching materials that improve the learning in the classrooms.

The scientific community must be engaged in solving the critical problems facing society. Energy harvesting research will improve the existing technologies and open the possibility for designing and implementing new innovations that address the global societal energy needs in various aspects. Energy Harvesting Society will remain committed to its mission for the advancement of interdisciplinary energy research and education to improve the quality of life and create new career opportunities those results in growth and sustainability. EHS will strive to promote public awareness, increase the engagement of the scientific community and catalyze technological advancements.

The Energy Harvesting Society will work towards becoming the leading platform for the promotion of cutting-edge, high impact and interdisciplinary energy research. EHS will continue to strive to involve larger research community into the energy research by providing technical information needed to facilitate interdisciplinary interactions. EHS will continue to find ways to bring benefits and services to energy researchers, regardless of discipline, throughout the world.